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Necessary Caving Equipment

necessary caving equipment

Depending on what type of cave you will be visiting the following caving equipment could be necessary.

Caving equipment:

  • Hard hats to protect the head.
  • Varying types of LED lights
  • Proper clothing usually that is light and wicks sweat and water.
  • Wet suit if you will be crossing any type of stream.
  • Hiking style boots are preferred and should be water proof, but breathable
  • Knee pads, elbow pads, and possibly gloves to protect the hands. And at times depending on the cave if it is protected under conservancy they will enforce the use of surgical gloves to protect the cave from contamination.
  • Climbing rope, carabiners, and a ladder.
  • First aid kit. Caves can be extremely dangerous exposing one to dangers that can include falling, flooding, hypothermia, and exhaustion in general.
  • Emergency equipment.
  • And some caves might enforce the use of urine and feces containers.

Follow these basic tips to increase your safety.

  • Although Spelunking can be considered an individualistic sport, you should do your best to explore with at least three other people. That way if one gets hurt one can stay behind to help the individual and the other two can get back out to call for help. Consider as a beginner to look for guided expeditions and once you are more experienced possibly look for individuals that are also experienced in the sport. This should not be difficult if you are immersed and possibly join a local club.
  • Checking to make sure that there is no danger of possible flooding into the cave is critical. So, extensive research and due diligence is paramount for this.
  • You must notify family of your plans and have a return time that you plan on getting in touch with them. That way if anything does happen they can call for help as well. Never consider exploring a cave while hiking and stumbling across one. You are only inviting unknown dangers.
  • The use of your caving equipment and supplies is crucial. It is also recommended that you have at least two sources of independent light with you and if you can possibly three.
  • Make sure your clothing is appropriate and sturdy
  • Flagging tape or non permanent markings such as rocks should be used to help remember how to get back out. Make sure to always look behind you as you get to a transition point as this will help aid in memory, because many transition look different when viewed coming back out.
  • Remember each person is responsible for memorizing the route.
  • Every day is an opportunity to explore your world. When there is a call to action to get into the great outdoors, research and prepare yourself for success. Start to connect, learn and acquire the tools and  caving equipment you need.

Proper caving equipment and safety tips should always be checked and double checked before you begin your trip.  Remember your safety and the safety of your group is paramount.

Caving Equipment


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