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What You Really Need for Mountain Climbing


Mountain climbing is an exciting sport, and hikers trying their luck on challenging ones such as Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia or Mount Everest are a common feature in sports magazines and the like. However, there are also instances when you would hear about an unfortunate incident in the evening news regarding individuals who have failed in their attempt to conquer a mountain, and some with even fatal results, which is why it is important to gear up and be prepared with the proper mountain equipment to ensure that you are coming down of that mountain in one piece.

Essential Mountain Gear

When it comes to mountain climbing essentials, the gear you need is just as important as the attire you wear. The most basic equipment you would think of is that of a rope, which has been the most fundamental since time immemorial, but it has since been supported by other tools which make a climb smoother and with fewer hassles. A good belay device is responsible for a decrease in friction for a smoother ascent or descent, while quickdraws add extra support when necessary.

Mountain Gear: The Proper Attire

The harness serves as the connection between mountain climbing attire and mountain climbing gear, becoming the very thing which links your torso to the rope which decides your fate. For the proper attire, climbing clothing would include waterproof or windproof garments such as jackets and pants. They do not necessarily have to be either of two types, but keep in mind that allowing your attire to adapt to the temperature and potentially tough conditions would only mean that you could focus more on what you are doing instead of thinking about the wind or the rain.

While appropriate garments for upper body and lower body are important to maintain body heat, especially in higher altitudes, your footwear would be the ones to ultimately decide your level of safety. Climbing shoes are specifically devised to adapt to the shape of your feet, allowing them to effectively grasp the often tricky footholds found on mountains, most of which are rocks of all shapes and sizes which could bring harm if you are not wearing the proper footwear. Needless to say, your climbing shoes would probably be your most important mountain equipment as far as mobility is concerned.

Mountain climbing gear you will need should be put on a list.  Keep your list handy all the way to the end of your excursion.  This will allow you to check off the list once you finally do inventory and check each piece of equipment determining which ones are still in good working condition or ones that need to be replaced.

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