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Mountain Climbing Gear List

Mountain climbing gear lists

Any mountain climbing gear list starts with the “rack” or the hardware that you have to bring. This will vary depending on what kind of mountain you’re climbing among other factors, but you need a good solid rope, the proper clothing and a few other utilities.


If you’re studying different types of rock climbing, you’ll learn quickly that a good harness is essential, and you also need a sturdy helmet so in case you fall your head has some protection against the rocks. For basic mountain climbing you’ll require a top-rope belay and anchors like cams or nut stoppers. In addition you have to bring along some webbing and carabiners.

Mountain climbing gear list

If it’s a complicated climb you’ll need several nut stoppers and cams, and if it’s going to be ice climbing you must carry ice screws, snow anchors, ice axes and crampons. Aside from this rock climbing tools a descending ring is required for descending although if you’re skilled enough a carabiner will suffice.

The type of belay you choose is just as important, and you might need a chalk bag as well to improve your grip. Other extras that you might want to bring are an ascender, a sling and other rescue tools. However, you need to be careful and avoid carrying too much gear because it might hamper your progress. If you’re not sure what gear to bring, ask your instructor for advice, and before you climb make certain that all the gear is in working order and that you didn’t forget anything.

Clothing: mountain climbing gear list

If you study different types of rock climbing you’ll also realize that clothing is important. The type of clothes you wear will depend on the weather conditions you will encounter as you make your ascent. For dry and hot weather you should wear light colored shirts, long or short sleeves and shorts. You should also wear a cap or some other protection from the glare of the sun.

If you’re going to climb a mountain covered in snow, you should don a snow cap, head stocking, insulated pants and coat and other appropriate gear. Regardless if the whether is cold or hot, you need to make sure that you wear the right pair of shoes. As any climber will tell you, shoes form an important part of any rock climbing tools set, so a good pair is necessary. For snowy mountains you will need snow boots, while rocky terrain requires hiking boots.

A Mountain climbing gear list is important in keeping tabs on the gear you will need to acquire and as well as keep you aware of what is coming along on your trip.

Mountain climbing gear list.  Make it a part of your routine.

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