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Gearing Up for the Outdoor World


Not everyone is born to be the outdoorsy type, and even if you are not outgoing, dealing with the outside world as far as proper attire is concerned would mostly be limited to what you are already used to wearing anyway. What you are probably forgetting is the fact that the outdoor world is much harsher than the sheltered environment which is your home. As such, donning the proper attire could help you adapt better and lessen the risks of contracting an illness or meeting an accident along the way.

What Does “Outdoor” Mean Exactly?

In today’s world, the meaning of “outdoor” has so far evolved from the typical out of your front door environment. It has now grown to include a variety of activities which could involve even the more challenging ones such as climbing mountains or camping in the forest. After all, these activities are done outdoors indeed. While each activity would vary in intensity, there seems to be a consensus on what to wear at least. When it comes to clothing and shoes, here are some of the conventions.

Outdoor Clothing: What to Wear

Outdoor clothing would mostly include garments which are flexible, adaptable, and easy to wash and wear, which makes them ideal for camping or mountain climbing which would require a number of days outside your house. Most of the apparel nowadays comes in variants which enhance the features of the clothing. You would easily find a windproof jacket, for example, as a recommended choice of upper body gear for mountain climbing. A waterproof parka and trousers to match would be more appropriate for camping or hiking, activities in which the probability of rain and snow are higher than most. And then, of course, you would have the traditional thermal wear which helps regulate body temperature.

Outdoor Shoes: Blending Fashion and Comfort

As far as outdoor shoes are concerned, comfort should come first before fashion, although most companies nowadays are finding it easier to blend the two. For simple hiking or trekking, comfort could be prioritized over form, relying on waterproof skins and rubber soles which are meant for long walks. For more rigorous activities such as mountain climbing, on the other hand, form becomes the priority, making sure that your climbing shoes are as close as possible to your feet’s shape in order to maximize flexibility and traction.

Getting outdoors will not only help keep you in shape.  You will be opening up your senses in a whole new light.  Staying active outdoors will help you increase your chances of meeting others involved in same activities and teaching our children there is a lot more to life then television and playstations.

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