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Why Climbing Shoes Are Important

Climbing Shoes

If you thought that you could conquer Mount Everest wearing a pair of flip flops, then you might have to rethink your knowledge of this sport. Mountain climbing and rock climbing are not for the faint of heart, and your feet are bound to hate you if you don’t provide them with the appropriate equipment for such an endeavour. You need rock climbing shoes, period. There is no going around that, unless you want to endanger your life, or severely damage your feet in the process, and you would not really like that, now would you?

What Exactly Are Climbing Shoes?

Just like a ballerina would need her ballet flats or a figure skater would need her skates, a rock climber would need his rock climbing shoes which are basically shoes, but with a twist. As you would have already predicted, these shoes are specially made to cope with the challenges of climbing a mountain and enduring the friction with rocks of all shapes and sizes, not all of which would be smooth and friendly to the touch. The shoes have little padding, sticky rubber soles, and a close fit meant to resemble the shape of the foot itself.

Why Do They Feel Uncomfortable?

Rock climbing requires precision and accuracy. One misstep could mean the difference between life and death, which is why rock climbing shoes are meant to follow the shape of the foot itself, sometimes up to the point where mimicking the shape does not give room for much comfort. Why is this so? In order for your foot to effectively grasp a rock formation as a foothold, it would need to be a bit sticky and very flexible, something which rubber shoes and flip flops would not allow because of their broad base.

Where to Buy Climbing Shoes?

Any shop catering to mountaineering would have rock climbing shoes available to purchase. Most of these shoes could also now be purchased online, but is not really recommended because you would need a precise measurement and fit to make sure that your shoes would be your best companion for your endeavour. While online shopping might work, you should know better not to compromise safety in lieu of convenience. Besides, a one-time trip to the nearest shop would not hurt, now would it? In the end, your shoes are your best investment for this sport.

At a mountaineering shop like REI for instance you can engage with other groups in the sport and become part of a group of like minding individuals that will range in skill level.


Climbing shoes are best to be sourced, fitted and overlooked by your local expert.

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