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Cathedral Caverns State Park

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Cathedral Caverns State Park

Located in Kennmer Cove close to Northeast of Grant and in Marshall County. This Alabama State park has an area of 178 sq miles and the physical address is 637 Cave Rd, Woodville, Al 35747 Phone: 256.728.8193. You can call this number to get Cathedral Caverns local info and times that tours are currently conducted. You will find that the tour guides are exceptional and very knowledgeable about the caves history. I would recommend wearing sturdy hiking shoes or stable tennis shoes. You will find that some areas have some steep downgrades that will be better tackled with appropriate footwear. Also a light jacket will be more pleasing as a constant temperature of 57-60 degrees can be expected year around. Its hours of operation are Mon-Sun from 9am to 5pm

Cathedral Caverns is a beautiful cave and is considered a Karst cave that boasts an incredible segment of stalagmite specimens covering and area of around 3 acres. This cave has excellent surveyed and explored areas that also provides walkways that are also wheelchair accessible. The general public has a tour of near 2 miles of paths and there is an length of another 2700 feet that reach beyond the pathway. There are also areas previously inaccessible that are now open and labeled a “Wild Cave Tour.”

Here are some features that you can expect to encounter as you experience this Alabama attraction:

      The cave has the widest entrance of any commercial cave in the world that totals 25 feet tall and 128 feet wide.


      The largest column in the world- “Goliath”, measuring at 45 feet tall and 243 feet in circumference!


      The most unlikely formation in the world, which is a 3 inch diameter stalagmite that rises at a 45 degree angle from a rock formation to the cave ceiling 25 feet above. Quite impressive.


      And as many caves can boast a big room, Cathedral Caverns does at 792 feet long and 200 feet wide.


    There is also a river the “Mystery River that flows through the cave. And due to its limited outflow, the cave does get flooded during heavy rain periods.

In addition to cave tours, the state park offers gem mining, picnicking, tent camping and excellent hiking. Admission is $12 (13 yrs and up), Child admission $6 (6 yrs – 12 yrs), and 5 years old and under, free. The park is open every day of the year except Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

If you are in the Northern part of Alabama I would highly consider visiting this beautiful state park. It will give you a new perspective of the Appalachians like never before. Visit Trip Adviser here to get some reviews:

Cathedral Caverns

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