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Climbing Gear Basics

Climbing Gear

What You Need to Know about Climbing Gear

When it comes to climbing gear, you should take no risks. Both rock climbing and mountain climbing are extreme sports which could be life threatening, which is why engaging in such dangerous activities should entail safety first. If you are a newbie and taking either one as a hobby or planning to do it competitively in the future, then the right equipment would be your best investment for such a sport, in addition to the knowledge and hands-on training that a professional would be able to give you.

Equipment Common for Both (climbing gear)

Common equipment for both would be in your choice of attire. Good climbing shoes would be necessary to ensure flexibility and strength for various types of footholds. A harness is used as a precaution and to tie the torso to the rope.

Rock Climbing Equipment

The most common rock climbing equipment involves a rope. During the early days of this sport, improvisation was the name of the game, finding suitable rock formations strong enough to support one’s weight to anchor the rope on. It is no longer the case nowadays, and such risky choice of doing it is reserved for the experts. Nowadays you would need a carabiner, which are steel loops with spring-loaded gates that serve as connectors. In choosing the right one for you, the options would be between a locking and non-locking one, either which has its own advantage over the other. Another essential tool would be the quick draw, which is used to connect the rope to the bolt anchor, permitting a smoother interaction between ropes and anchoring system.

Mountain Climbing Equipment

Also known as mountaineering, mountain climbing requires almost the same equipment and tools but would greatly vary depending on the terrain. Rock climbing equipment would be necessary if the mountain slopes prove to have plenty of rock formations needed to be traversed. If ice and snow are present, additional tools and items of clothing would be necessary to ensure the retention of body heat. This activity is considered as an extreme sport and requires essential training prior to the climb, with the climb itself stretching for days or even weeks if you decide to climb Everest, for example. Given how a climb could require many days to finish, you would also need the necessary supplies such as food and water enough to reach the next basecamp.

Climbing gear must be checked regularly before and after use. Taking the extra time to double check your equipment is obviously worth staying safe.

Take time to learn all necessary climbing gear that will be on your trip list.

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