What is Rock Climbing?

Learning how to rock climb is not that difficult provided you have the right equipment and gotten training from a qualified instructor. If you’re just starting out you don’t need a lot More »

Spelunking Cave – The Facts

Spelunking cave is a sporting / recreational activity that involves cave exploration. While this activity is usually done for fun and recreation, it can also have cultural and scientific values and merit, More »

Rappelling Harness and Other Gear – What You Need

Aside from a rappelling rope you’ll also need basically all the other equipment you use when climbing. However, make sure that the rope you get is designed for rappelling and that it More »

Best Hiking Gear for Cold and Warm Hiking

Hiking in cold weather and hiking in hot weather presents two different challenges. When hiking in cold weather, the goal of a hiker is to stay dry and warm. This can be More »

Gearing Up for the Outdoor World

Not everyone is born to be the outdoorsy type, and even if you are not outgoing, dealing with the outside world as far as proper attire is concerned would mostly be limited More »


River Rafting

canoe,tips for safety on water

Canoe: Before You Board: Ten Tips for a Safe Canoe or Raft Trip

Before You Board: Ten Tips for a Safe Canoe or Raft Trip

Whether you’re looking to spend an afternoon on the water or making the trek to an amazing cave, canoeing and rafting

White Water Rafting

A Rafting Adventure for Summer

With the month of April almost ending, everyone looking forward to a great summer is already counting down the days of May. While most people tend to go to the beach for some relaxation and sunbathing