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About Us

john papoulis

Message from Founder:

My name is John Papoulis creator of Spelunking-Gear.com.  I am a 40 year old Chicago native passionate about the great outdoors.

One of my main goals for any place I visit is not only to take in that cultures daily routines and customs, but to explore nature in their neck of the woods.  I love to set up and fulfill a goal I have set out to do.  Whether that is climbing a particular mountain, hiking a particular wilderness area, spelunking, rock climbing, rappelling and exploring in general.

Any time I travel with the mindset to experience nature, it is a passion of mine to prepare myself for success.  I love to research the particular mountain I might be wanting to climb, or area I will be exploring for example.  Making sure I have all the gear, supplies, appropriate clothing or any accessories that my trip will require.

I make sure I take notes of customs, traditions, and any perils I will face.  Not only from the local laws, but from any dangers that I might face when in nature.  I always try to first attempt to have a buddy come along on the trip, but if that is not possible there is no way I will not continue the trip.  However, if I do plan a trip that dictates the buddy system for safety, such as climbing; I will always attempt to find a local guide that specializes in the particular event that I planned.

This site is planned for ongoing delivered content for experiences in nature, the ability to research any topic related to the great outdoors.  And finally, a quick link to any shops or sites delivering extended knowledge, equipment, supplies, accessories, clothing that you will need for your particular excursion.

Never stop exploring not only nature, but what makes you; YOU!

To your passions,